I think I've covered this much more extensively before a couple of times in different contexts. But the themes of what is seen as natural and unnatural cropped up several times over the past few days. In the purest sense nothing that humans do is natural.


If it wasn't for the unnatural advances of science and creation of (as well as the administering and taking) medicine many people would have just naturally died from various genetically inherited diseases at a very early age via the process of natural selection.  These diseases all have the potential to kill and range from the now easily curable childhood types of diseases to the more obvious serious ones that are a little more difficult to treat but is still made possible to do so by the use of unnatural medicines and medical procedures.


The more cerebralized culturally specific rituals that surrounds the process of eating is unnatural. But as some of us apparently became more complex in terms of our cognitive abilities  with a greater tendency to get bored during the process of eating, it became something much more then just something that was done purely for the process of just staying alive and tickling the taste buds. At the same time I can see how this can on some levels create further problems or help to compound certain inappropriate tendencies of behavior depending on the culture and the rituals that go along with them, but that's a whole topic on its own.


Evidently with obesity being rife eating 3 or 4 square meals a day whether you're hungry or not isn't natural in light of how your genetically inherited metabolism behaves in the purest sense. One theory is that some of us have a genetic component that effects our metabolisms in such a way that it makes them much more suited to our ancient ancestral past where we hadn't progressed much further then using caves as homes. Food back then was nowhere near in as much abundance or as instant as it is today.  Being that it was often the case that you'd have to go relatively long periods of time before actually eating since you first had to find it to then either catch or gather it. Hence the hunter gatherer thing. People just basically ate what little they could find. Meaning that in the extreme cases people could go days without food at a time. This also meant that obesity wouldn't necessarily have been a problem since there just wasn't enough food to get fat on for those individuals with the genetic expressions for obesity, they  would have possibly also had a better chance of surviving back then in being able to store more reserves of  energy in between waiting for food to be found. Hence the genetic expression was able to propagate itself more extensively via the process of natural selection.


We wear clothes. Nuff said.


We wear spectacles when our eyesight becomes diminished to assist with our eye sight. This obviously isn't natural in the purest sense since we're not equipped with them when we pop out of the womb.


Women wear make up. Again its not something they're equipped with out of the womb with anything done to enhance the appearance of femininity purely being an artificial construct that would no doubt disappear with any loss of society. Like within the extreme "fictitious" example of a baby boy and baby girl being left to their own devices growing up and being raised without civil society or language in a experimental setting.


Using civil reasoning and mental faculty over brute force and violence is unnatural. But we couldn't imagine a civil society or a more pleasant world without it. 


I could go on forever. But hopefully you get the picture.


Using a rubber being unnatural whilst paranoid about getting  into a life sentence that I'm not quite yet willing to take on just yet within the bounds of my current circumstances if I had a choice? My first instinct would be to go with the unnatural rubber, since I can’t actually take the unnatural pill for somebody else to ensure myself that I don't end up with a vastly unnatural increased survival rate for both mother and child within a hospital surrounded by all that unnatural medical stuff before I'm ready to deal with it.