I thought I best make this clear before there's any further confusion. I'm not in any way an advocator of any notion of "white supremacy" as it were.
Its strange, even when it comes to playing techno music a certain number of people assume that I might be advocating such leanings because I play a track called "white" by Carlo Lio off the sci-tech label. I only play it because I think its a brilliant techno track with lots of energy building momentum. Not to mention if such people were to actually listen to how the track sounds it does in fact have a Latin flavored swing to it over the obvious 4 over 4 drive to it that's characteristic of most techno tracks. I doubt that the original producer of the track had any such intention for it to be an anthem for white supremacist nor would I think they would approve of it being used as such despite certain folk thinking that. Its also partly why I haven't been able to play the track as often as I'd like.
I think this might also be made worse by a number of certain none white individuals interpreting it as being that too since the medium of techno music is often associated as being a "none black" style of music that these particular individuals believe is somehow meant to undermine their "blackness" and appose it as it were.

Its also strange that such a view still exists despite Carl Cox being one of the biggest names on the techno scene today having helped shape the scene during his time at the turntables and in the studio producing techno music.

 My recent piece about the extinction of the dinosaur has somehow also gleaned attention by such individuals when there wasn't in fact any kind of subtext or content relating to any kind of white supremist agenda or advocation. But somehow it seems to have garnered the kinds of interest that would seem to want to interpret it as such and even try to adapt for such purposes.
I like the colour black purely as a "colour" if you can even call it that. It generally goes with every other colour without visually clashing and it looks smart and tidy in many different contexts. At the same time I don't use the colour white in any way shape or form to display any distaste toward people of ethnic origin. All humans need light to see, since sight is one of the primary senses that has helped us to actually thrive and survive as humans within our surroundings. Of course there are the unlucky few who won't have the physical ability to see for whatever reason. But its also people with site that help to maintain a situation for people without sight to actually be able to lead happy lives without sight.
In pure technical terms there is no such thing as a black person in terms of actual skin pigmentation despite the generic label that's applied to such people of colour.
Technically black isn't even a colour as objects and surfaces that appear black to our visual sight when surrounded by light are in fact absorbing light frequencies and not reflecting or emitting them.
Its possible to break light down into its colour/frequency composites by passing it through a prism of which black is not one of them.
ALL humans regardless of skin colour are made of matter which is just another form of energy in one of many states. Despite the seeming ephemeral nature of matter it is just as transient as any other types of energy to shift and change forms over a long enough time scale such as the length of time the actual universe has existed itself. Yes that's to say that the matter that you're made up of has most likely been through nearly every single state that energy can exist within at some point during its existence within this universe and will continue to do so even after you die, yes that even includes light itself. Just as you have the potential to release huge amounts of light, and heat energy (along with pretty much nearly all the other types of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum) by splitting any number of the atoms that the human body is made up at the sub-cellular atomic level.
Within the vast darkness of empty space visible matter and light energy is actually quite rare. If you have substance that you can touch you are in fact made up of exactly the same stuff as energy (matter, light etc.)
Although obvious it might also be worth noting that such colours would have different significance within different cultures relating to their past histories and ideology in times of mass dispute through things like war and even genocide meaning that its all relative.
The colours I choose to use have nothing to do with any kind of affiliation I that I may or may not choose to associate with since my thoughts on issues and matters would remain exactly the same regardless. Tell me what a universal neutral is and if it isn't too visually imposing I'll wear it. However as far as I'm aware there is no such thing. Just as I can't stop the sky and ocean (beyond any extreme depths where its difficult for light to reach) of a sandy beach on a hot day from being blue or our warm oxygenated mammalian blood from being red.