Sex! Its everywhere... and in the digital age guys can pretty much anonymously get an eye full of it whenever they want without necessarily having to face stigmatization. Plus its often the case where it comes at a premium to get a eyeful of female skin. Of course there's also the free content too.

But what of the ladies out there? In such a relatively anonymous setting would the ladies want to cop a glance at fella's willingly getting freaky in front of camera for free without having to hand over card details or financial information? (who may also be getting off on the attention) Since there isn't necessarily the stigmatization to deal with on the privacy of your own computer.

As ever there's always the option of not actually looking too.

Loosely connected

Why is it that if a 13 or 14 year old boy actively searching for porn featuring adult women (not that they should be) its not perceived as being as bad as if a teenage girl of the same age were to actively seek out pornographic material featuring adult men. Keep in mind that they're theoretically never going to come into physical contact. 

My thoughts about getting freaky on webcams? 

 It's something that I wouldn't have the bottle to do but if it floats ya' boat I guess its up to you. Plus it helps many girls pay the bills and then some without necessarily ever having to see or touch another person. For all others who do it for the buzz, I guess you have to be comfortable with the fact that there are other eyes observing other then yours and your intended audience of one or more.

A possible solution?

Create a separate place for it?