I guess the digital age presents many problems, however its becoming more apparent how for years work and personal notes I've done and written in the past that was intended for better things or merely to inform with no subtext can be taken and used for lesser purposes in never actually thinking about publishing it in any way myself. I'm not too sure what the deal is but its only just becoming more and more apparent how certain personal notes and written works I've completed in the past have been taken, twisted and used to push racist propaganda and opinion outside of intended context and purpose. I guess this is partly the reason I decided to create my own personal website myself rather then have it constantly be altered and miss-used by others.
At the same time its become more apparent how much validity the song "body snatchers" by Radiohead off their freely downloadable album "In Rainbows" could quite easily be applied to many people I've observed when seeing certain familiar things in slightly altered forms. I generally try to avoid situations like that by saying I don't actually know if I don't. But its usually the case I have an opinion on just about everything, and if its something that bugs me enough I'll look it up if I don't know. Simple really. But its like how we were always told at school, its all about the understanding of it and the ability to extend or apply it some way rather then just mindlessly regurgitate something with no understanding at all. But at the same time those people who are expert in their field who may have hit a road block themselves in certain theoretical academic disciplines can be sometimes more then a little overbearing when trying to extract more from you where in the digital age bullying can come in many forms and instantly actioned with many participants whether they be overt or more subtle. I guess in a slightly different context beyond the field of academic research and theory this might also be why there are a fair few burnt out iPhone's and iPhone's with cracked screens out there too. Its not necessarily that the materials and build have become any worse but maybe demands after the banking crisis have become a little more "demanding" in a climate where people still aren't really all that willing to lend and want to push harder with little consideration or thought.
But that's what its come down to. Wars are nothing but questions over internet monitoring, policing, ideology and idea extrapolation (if not actual exploitation itself) with more personnel needed with the more machines that are being sold and used in order to cultivate and pick these "resources". Stand in the way of that by trying to make your own work digitally inaccessible to these people in any particular field or subject that want it badly and you too are also apparently a terrorist.
Believe it or not, having strong monotheistic beliefs of the Christian variety in its many forms (and not Muslim) can also land you the label of being a terrorist without you even knowing too. As it would be interpreted that your actions are often dictated by unreasoned belief in a higher power and not rationality as such. So whilst certain people might believe that its Muslim extremists that are apparently causing the chaos, it is in fact merely a representation.
So its quite inconsistent and broad as what would make you a so call terrorists in the internet age.
Unexpected anti-establishment comments against influential individuals by other influential figures will also land such individuals the title of terrorist or rather suicide bomber. For example a celebrity getting up to receive an award at a well known prestigious award ceremony to then have a dig at another celebrity/celebrities (overly sensitive or not depending on your standpoint against context) whilst they're up receiving the award. The perceived comical but possibly inflammatory comment may also include the very celebrity that is making the comment hence the suicide bomber title. The approximate number of people and celebrities it takes down status wise and psychologically is the so called claimed victim count.
Ideas and work are simply just stolen to either be used almost in their entirety or adapted, no internet connection necessarily required needing only a powered on machine and an operating system with your work on it that you complete and satellites in the sky. Then there's the others that don't quite have the same level of clearance making a fair profit off your back whilst you have next to nothing or peanuts via using more conventional civilian accessible means whether that requires technical knowledge or not.
Current major OS speeds are merely determined by the number of satellites in the sky and the technology they use for signal coverage. The majority of machines already living in the cloud and not even knowing it. The advantages of which mainly serving others and not the en consumer without paying an additional premium to access them. Privacy not being one of them. 4G technology is merely an ungimped 3G but with less throttling to enable those consumer devices that have been/will be manufactured with the capability of a higher bandwidth to utilize them.
Your ideas might still be worth something to you if they're any good and you know how to implement them/or have the means so don't throw away that pen and paper just yet. You might as well profit from your own ideas rather then some already rich digital backdoor bandits who basically pirate an steal uncopywritten materials with no law to stop them whilst they advance their own agendas and careers off your efforts. But obviously there's all the more obvious physical vulnerabilities that still exist with none digital mediums too. Its just not as instantly compromisable. In which case watch out for spies after you cut off your digital supply line if you really think you are that good that they would need to be dispatched to acquire what you have or can do. But then keep in mind how corporate companies use spies beyond any governmental organization or motive to try and stay ahead of the curve which is obviously a far cry from the whole cold war thing. Spies are often the people you least expect which is obvious really but they may be even closer then some people think.
In a way you also pay to be spied on...
You already voluntarily carry your own personal tracking device and an audio bug with high audio pickup (think of how some folk use it in loud speak mode) that does lots of other fancy and trivial things besides. Many will often go out of their way to keep it constantly powered up. Some people even carry several. At the same time you pay a premium to be spied on and monitored. Your use of a personal voice and text communication service is now purely by the by.