We live in a world where the staff at a number of large well known high street electronics stores can tell whether the designer gear you're wearing is fake or not as soon as you walk through the door. They could even tell you which country and store you bought it from if you bought it from a reputable outlet. I don't even know why my laptop has an RFID scanner in it. But the chances are every single piece of electronic equipment I have around me right now has its unique ID along with every single non electrical item that was legitimately manufactured, shipped and distributed for us to then purchase it from well known outlets too. This is as I'm sat on my computer connected to the internet knowing that the cost of producing highly durable RFID chips can be as low as mere fractions of a penny.

Distributed processing

One time there was a lot of talk about distributed computer processing. I guess this would only work if every single computing device had some built in means of connecting wirelessly. The idea behind it is to use and pool the processing power of multiple computers. For example you may have several computers in an office. However not all of them are performing processor intensive tasks with only one machine that's being heavily used. With distributed computer processing the busy computer could potentially draw on the resources of the other computers that are on but maybe aren't being fully used whenever processing load got heavy. With the shift to cloud computing beyond most general consumers knowledge you can see how this could be particularly useful right now and also when people are eventually more comfortable with the concept of cloud computing and it actually means if ever regardless of the reality of what is already going on.

I say this having observed my own computer hang every time the netbook near by throws number crunching fits. This was also the case when there were no consumer accessible wireless devices installed to the machine that was hanging.

When I turn on the wireless device on my computer I'm able to detect 10 or so wireless routers from the surrounding houses amidst all the various useable microwave signals that bombard us every day. This is also just as the terrestrial television signal bandwidth is also being re-purposed for high bandwidth data transmission. We have infrared signals which are basically made up of a portion of the light spectrum and as such can travel at the speed of light. It wouldn't take much to refine it for none visually detectable high data bandwidth transmission that doesn't necessarily require line of sight for it to function say within a room.

Marketing and social egineering

At one time we'd be in absolute uproar over the prospect of some sort of agency forcing us to constantly carry some sort of device that would allow people to track our every move and listen in on the things we say on top of telling you that you have to also regularly input personal data about yourself, your friends and family that has to be kept up to date.  But yet today we do this voluntarily for many to consider such devices indispensable for some to even carry 2,3, or 4 at a time. Its also often the case that these devices are constantly kept powered to bring annoyance to most when we are caught short to then consciously make sure we get it charged as soon as possible without force or being prompted to.

Just one of many things

We can now buy networking equipment that utilises your electrical mains supply as the means of establishing a high bandwidth data connection. I'm sure they had plenty of uses for this even before they became domestically available to buy as I'm sure they still continue to be used in such a way too.

Yet more disparities

In an ideal world these sorts of technologies wouldn't be abused for all the better applied purposes to be the actual reason for their use. But more often then not they are abused to varying degrees for various different reasons whether by individuals or groups of individuals. Generally its the convenience that such technologies create on the surface that helps us ease into such ways with little dispute having once maybe thought it would be like torching our own civil liberties, rights and freedoms whilst wanting to urinate on them just for the insult value but not doing so just to watch it burn faster in willingly partaking in such things. Once we're hooked on the convenience all the underlying issues that would have got us all riled up no longer seem as important as they once were or should actually be despite maybe knowing or having an idea.

I say all this having just put a banner up for the new kindle. No need to monitor what books we check out from the library anymore.