Amidst all the in world game playing I'd noticed how some folks generally get a little carried away. From my point of view I can see how easy it could be for it to get this way especially when all the cerebral subtleties of culture and popular culture are scrutinised to the n'th degree for their "suitability" as it were. Although the UK is quite often the testing bed as well being a champion of musical innovation there's definitely a lot more going on below the viewable world surface as the net drifts over it.

I don't see drum'n'bass as being something that has ever gone away, and generally its something that's grown and evolved as time has gone on. In fact its got to the point where there's more specialised sub-genres that fall under the drum'n'bass category then there are types of house and techno.  Sure there have been spells where there just wasn't much happening in terms of the sound but time away from it usually leaves breathing space for the sound to take on different directions at which point it's always interesting to see which direction its moved in.

Some of it isn't necessarily to my tastes just as hardcore and the extreme throws of Gabba techno isn't to my tastes either within the realms none D'n'B genre's. But then despite recent efforts to categorise the types of D'n'B it isn't necessarily adhered to like it is within other main genre's groups like house and techno. There's a general tendency for none drum'n'bass heads to lump all of it together. There's D'n'B with big electro drops, other's with heavy elements of rock, others with tech, some with techno sounds, Jazz, Latin, minimal construction, in fact the list is as long as my arm. You can get your more regimented beats and grooves to more free form sounds and then obviously your more high octane rocket propelled screamers. Then there's your smooth  and flowing liquid grooves where your mind can just roll over the beats as it swings between the cycles.

If anything drum'n'bass is just as diverse if not more then some of the main dance music genres. It's definitely lasted beyond predictions of its demise by the so called new school of dubstep, and really how diverse is the "distinctive" spectrum of dubsteps sound against the broad and still expanding expanse of D'n'B? That's not to say I don't dig on dubstep since there more then a fair few tracks I've heard I'd willingly part with cash for if I had it.

What do I look for when filtering the masses of D'n'B stuff on the download lines? Stuff that has a groove to it and makes you want to move but its just as likely I'd grab a couple of over the top rocket propelled sirens too for the up and down journey I'm accustomed to putting together in my house sets.

Again just as with any other genre you have you more energy driven to low rolls, rough to smoother sounds, dark to light moods and of course your in the zone driven rolls.

I don't think there's much mainstream chart wise appeal within the picks but that never was the intention. It's also definitely something I wouldn't rock on an Ableton rig in a live setting since there's a certain way I like to mix D'n'B needing a vinyl type rig. If not vinyl definitely vinyl emulation or CDJ's.