Interesting food for thought, I'm not the most well read person or even a head shrink by any measure but it was an interesting idea to mull over. This is not meant to be any type of attack either but just an idea to consider against an established notion that seem a little flawed as I read it that people seem to just maybe accept.

I guess its all down to individual circumstances and factors that surround each case, but I'd be inclined to go with the thinking that there is no cookie cutter solution for it. 

Here's a thought, If neurosis is part of any potential affliction when you never used to suffer from it surely it would mean the neurosis is part of the suffering if you know that you were much happier/oblivious/ignorant of certain things before you were neurotic?

Ignorance in this case not suggesting stupidity but rather to be unaware of certain things/factors that might change the nature of a situation or outcome in full awareness of them as the word "ignorance" was originally intended to be used.

Depending on the nature of the neurosis it can lead onto other types of mental conditions/illness that aren't necessarily desirable against any notion of what might be deemed to be "normal".

I'd also be inclined to think these things happen due to physical changes in the brain which may not necessarily be reversible to then potentially only be tempered to some degree with mental re-conditioning in order to maybe adjust to the effect of them if not with the assistance of drugs. Obviously the effects of these physical changes whether slight or great will depend on the configuration of individual natural balances of brain chemistry despite the more generic similarities we all share.

Physical changes such as:

- Increases production of certain types of neuro transmitters
- Decreased production of certain types of neuro transmitters
- Desensitization to certain types of neuro transmitters due to damage to neuro receptors
- Permanent changes in the level of different types hormone production that effect brain chemistry. (whether decreased or increased)  

Obviously a lot of types of neurosis could be resolved or assisted through the use of medication, however this would obviously only be effective whilst in the medicated state. But then there will also obviously be other side effect of potentially shutting down other facets of the cognitive process that might actually be of use or desirable to retain.

People used to think a "human soul" physically existed in the human heart. I wouldn't trust the person who came up with that to be my shrink or my doc in this day and age.
But then again it might be my unrealized autistic tendencies that are stopping me from seeing the deeper meaning in Jung's wise words if any. Who decides these things?