Some people might better know this as part way in explanation to achieving particle teleportation. But in more simplistic terms its where one sub-atomic particle seems to effect or be linked with another sub-atomic particle of similar properties at various distances apart whether that be miles or meters. which they sometimes refer to as paired particles.

But had people thought to consider the high velocity multi-vector movement of everything within the expanding universe? Could it be that our perception of local time and space within the influence of these local gravitational fields that we're subject to (i.e.. Our planet, the moon, our sun/solar system, or galaxy etc that are all moving on their own axis and vectors within space not to mention everything else beyond that at even greater velocities) makes us not really notice this high speed multi-vector motion and movement through space as its happening within universal expansion itself. Could it be that these seeming quantum entangled paired particles are just the same particles at different points in space and time that appear like the same instance in time to us due to the way our limited human perceptions of time passing has evolved shaped by the local configuration of space and time as influenced by gravity within our natural environment?

In actual reality despite being sat in this one spot for the past minute in what I perceive to be stationary due to local gravity acting upon the mass of my body I've probably moved thousands of miles (if not a lot more) to various different points on a multi-vector trajectory in space as well as passing through the same point with overlap again many times within a single split second. If it was somehow possible to trace you as a single point travelling through absolute space in some kind of distanced view it might even resemble something similar to a 3D fractal or a slightly more complex correlating 3D spiral graph sketch that rapidly passes through the same points many times at speeds not perceivable by our human minds that are fastened down by local gravity. Could that partly help to explain particle entanglement?

Keep in mind I'm only using something on a non-sub-atomic scale as an example. Since anything to do with anything at the quantum level is obviously sub-atomic and very-very small. So small that for the most part most theories exist only as formulae on paper and aren't yet fully substantiated though actual physical testing to give us fully observable conclusive results.

The problem is that a lot of these theories require many more dimensions then just the three that we'd more regularly associate with the none sub-atomic macro scale applied to the observable wider world and universe. Even more strangely they haven't quite decided how many dimensions are required as its dependant on which formula you're using which can typically be anything up to 9 dimensions or more in order to make their particular formula work and balance out at the simplest denominator.

But that's where all these giant underground particle accelerators come in that have been smashing atoms into each other for the past few decades in a bid to collect actual solid evidence and data on what actually happens right? Ok. I can rest easy now. The world hasn't collapsed in on itself yet so I think I'd be pretty safe to say we won't be triggering the creation of any super massive black holes from it  any time soon.

But besides that I reckon Einstein would be a lot more comfortable with this notion as it still loosely works within the bounds and dynamic of classical physics.

On a slightly different note...

If love and comedy is all about timing then I think I've still a long way to go as far as getting it spot on is concerned.