Whether coincidence or not the dinosaurs obviously didn't make it after the asteroid hit earth and wiped them and nearly everything else out at the time. They certainly didn't see it coming that's for sure. Maybe earth is one big experiment by aliens and things maybe weren't quite going according to plan when the most dominant biological creatures at the top of the food chain were to all intense and purposes very simplistic and very large creatures with incredibly primitive cognitive abilities and proportionally very small brains. Not to mention the vast majority of dominant life at the time of the Jurassic period lacked the kinds of physical dexterity in relation to their sheer size to actually be able to interact and shape their environment in any extended insightful and progressive way. Take the Tyrannosaurus rex for instance. A huge carnivorous reptile at the top of the food chain with proportionally very short stunted arms and a physically small brain in relation to its sheer physical size with very simplistic cognitive abilities and primal motives to just hunt and feed within a wild setting.

Lets pretend for a moment that the tyrannosaurus rex did have the mental capacity to think like a human. The path of its evolution and at the height evolutionary peak in terms of its physical form before the meteor impact would still pretty much leave it at a major disadvantage when compared to things like other types of modern primates and modern humans.

Of course there is no scientific evidence at all to prove any such assertion, but if the asteroid impact that wiped the dinosaurs out wasn't a freak accident I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was at the hands of a bunch of aliens looking down at their long term experiments with dna. Then after careful review they might have decided their research into natural evolutionary bio engineering had gone a bit wrong whilst palm facing. After which they maybe then decide they needed to start over as it wasn't quite heading in the direction they were quite expecting in terms of producing anything slightly resembling any notion of intelligent life. I reckon that could be just as believable if not more so then other accepted stories I've heard in my time from various cultures.

Now a few million years on humans are now at the top of the food chain on planet earth where any such modern day equivalents in terms of animal like creatures of the tyrannosaurus rex leaning are pretty much kept in their place or dealt with appropriately beyond any unlikely one on one, hands to paw, man vs. carnivorous beast scenario where man might not come out on top without the appropriate tools at his disposal for obvious reasons. What do I mean by that?

Well I think for the vast majority of people their bare fists vs an agitated, irate, slatheringly hungry tiger/lion/bear (or any other large and dangerous hungry wild animal for that matter) with sharp teeth and claws would most likely fail within any kind of one on one confrontation with additional loss of of blood through heavy bleeding if not actual loss of limbs before being feasted upon.

Aside from the unlikely above example humans have been able to shape and master our environment through society, culture, engineering, technology and science using insight via higher level cognitive abilities beyond that of the dinosaurs that were ultimately wiped out and made extinct. We've even managed to get into outer space.

Sure there are people with schizophrenia, mental illness in general and mental retardation out there too. However the fact that we're here kind of suggests to me that they haven't really been any of the reasons to have negatively impacted on our progress so far as a whole in any major way, nor would I think they would be any of the real reasons that would hamper the full potential of mankind’s progress right now and in the future. Strangely though some of the most brilliant minds within recorded history did suffer from various types of mental illness (and not mental retardation) although often such people were likely to be associated with the arts more so then with any purely science based academic discipline. But having said that there is the close link between the arts of a society and culture that does in fact greatly help to progress it.

Partly why I like science

Whether the death of all life from the Jurassic period was a freak accident or not, have humans actually progressed far enough to be able to stop or survive in the event of something like what happened to the dinosaurs happening to us in some kind of impending doom scenario? I guess thanks to science, engineering and technology we'd be in better stead to deal with it or at least be able to maybe know it was impending months or weeks in advance even if we couldn't really do anything about it which is still no real comfort I guess.