I don't understand how these crap corrections they make (which are just wrong) are able to be propagated right across the board from my local onenote application notes, within another copy of them held in a separate basic text document and also on my blog on my actual website too all at the same time in a unified manner. This is despite checking them several times even before posting.

Ever since I started my website such corrections are made by somebody else that make me sound like a foreign exchange student who isn't capable of native spoken English whilst using extremely poor grammar that isn't even conformative with the types of poor grammar used in numerous variations of regional native spoken english that feature heavy use of coloquialisms. In fact it even happened for years on my www.dna-nowhere.com site that I started and was eventually blocked from renewing and accessing after a number of years with the only reason given to me being that it was locked down for reasons of fraud and I've not been able to access it since. Hence why www.dna-et.com was started in place of it.

In fact come to think of it, this crap has been happening for the entire time that I've been using MS onenote. (which is close to 8 years now, possibly longer). It even started happening in some closed message exchanges on my Facebook account too.

Why such arrogance after years of my hi-lighting this whilst requesting that it stop? Do you have some sort of proven degree qualification that you were awarded in the use of the English language for such arrogance to still persist? If so where was it acquired as I'd be inclined to think it means absolutely nothing in terms of credible value based on your actual demonstrated inability to write English through the corrections that you make to my personal notes and website which I constantly have to waste time rechecking despite knowing that they were correct at the point of leaving off and posting. Even without some sort of formal qualification there are many people that have proven themselves to be very capable of using the English language in a very competent, articulate, and capable manner. However your general use of written English would still suck crap big time based on what I've experienced of it/been subjected to all these years. During that whole time you could have even taken some sort of real course in English and improved it further (or maybe have just done your own self improvement) in order to apply your use of English much more competently instead of arrogantly believing the corrections that you were making were correct whether you be an individual or some sort of collective. I might also point out that I don't have a formal qualification in English, but no doubt I would have a slightly higher chance of passing a REAL one then you would based on what I've experienced of your handy work with your so called "accredited" qualification.

Such use of poor written and spoken English by other people wouldn't usually even bother me in the slightest if I'm actually able to understand them. Nor am I in a situation where it causes problems in any of my personal relationship (yet). Nor would it be something I would choose to put up with within my personal relationships if I were to press greater action based on my genuine thoughts on the matter. 

You're more then entitled to do this crap within your own personal notes and on your own personal devices, but not over mine on my devices, and especially not over my websites where other people will be reading them. After years of this shit my frustrations regarding the matter is peaking. Can you tell?
Who has this kind of inside access and capability? How do I block it after all these years?