It's weird how the most random of discussions can send your head on a major tangent to cause you to majorly pause for thought to then finally bring to the surface what was bothering you. Then again what was the probability that we now as human beings would have arrived where we are today as sentient complex thinking creatures drowned in thought left to deal with a bunch of what if's and if only's. We live in world where even the most seeming selfless act that felt good at the time can leave us feeling a little at odds when we think of what might have been when we ourselves haven't quite found the place where we need to be in our own personal trails or search. Especially when there are things that just won't figure against the backdrop of certain peoples intent despite fully knowing how you were even before giving the go ahead on certain grounds.


For thousands of years people have been trying to figure out why the way things are the way they are. Being human is often a series of disappointments for the reality of it to wear even the most seeming of hopeful amongst us down. But as things go sometimes things occasionally work out for those lucky enough.


Of course this only gave opportunity for a series of figures to rise to prominence in seeming to have answers to all our problems such as Buddha and Jesus in somehow offering hope. Hope being the one thing that seems to get people through the most difficult of trials even if those hopes are not fulfilled the way many would have liked to see them manifest. Both Buddha and Jesus encouraged people to accept their lot in the hope there will be something better whilst striving to achieve it which can manifest itself in many ways. But often as history teaches us it sometimes can go horribly wrong whilst striving to achieve it for any kind of regrets to be too little too late. Which is also why themes of forgiveness usually feature and plays a large part in their teachings in order to try and stem any spiral into greater descent through want of revenge such as in the cases of dispute. But then sometimes certain things happen which offer the means to attaining that desire.


Next time somebody asks you what's in a name think long and hard as the smallest of seemingly insignificant things can mean something, hopefully for the better.


The question of whether I believed in destiny arose. The answer in my mind was no despite not saying outright. For every 1 person who believes they are destined to attain something that they desire there's a million and one other people who are equally as deserving if not even more so. Who or what is going bring about the same or very similar destiny that they might desire? I just believe some people are very lucky and were fortunate to connect with the right people against some sort of content of character. It would be unfair of me to believe in destiny in the sense of the kind that we all as human beings each individually desire in relation to our own personal circumstances. You only need to look at how as kids we grow up being sold dreams, lifestyles and images but for many the reality falls far from the ideal we've been sold, But as ever I can't really say that I'm immune to such things myself. I can't speak for everyone by saying something like "I think people should..." because that would just be arrogant. I can only relate how I try to be in trying to stay as true to myself as I can whilst maintaining respect for others (in considering how I wouldn't like to be miss-treated myself in certain ways) even if I do sometimes fail at it.


I think at the time the notion of destiny was being confused with arranged in regards to forging significant relationships of the matrimonial kind.


Destiny is for the main part a belief that something was meant to happen no matter what long before it ever does happen. It would be like saying I was meant to marry my now wife in Cambodia even before the sun or the earth existed. Almost like it was decreed by a higher supernatural power or just the natural order of the universe that it will happen without a doubt as sure as you're reading these words before it ever did. I guess if you're a hopeless romantic you would be more inclined to believe this then others. But what would the reality be? Could it have been closer to someone pretending to be something or somebody else they weren't thus having to find someone to stand in their place in not fitting what that particular person that they wanted to be involved with actually desired. As such that person (or these people) then take(s) a background role whilst controlling the situation from the background at distance? How about a trial marriage that was organised to see how someone might be before the "real thing"? What happens to the persons destiny that was meant to be in the "real thing" if it doesn't even get to that "real thing" match up for whatever reason?


Which is far from the notion of destiny by a long shot whilst in the background there are many people trying to hold the illusion together.


How about originally being intended as a kind of live sperm donor which is far from any notion of being destined to be with somebody purely for the purpose of reciprocal love of their own volition between the people directly involved in seemingly being for the sake of others.


Whatever the case may be I think the circumstances more closely resembles an arrangement but I could be wrong.


Not to mention there are many who marry whilst being deeply in reciprocal love with each other from the outset. They may both also genuinely believe they were destined to be married to each other for the rest of their lives. However the marriage eventually breaks down and they separate. What happens to destiny there?


Then there will be others also believed that they will be destined to stay together. They do stay together but unhappily as the relationship turns sour breaks down for one of the partners to cheat on the other behind their back. Although achieving it was that the destiny they wanted?


I feel I ought to point out that this is no kind of rant. Its just an opinion as it seemed like a notion that was interesting to explore at the time. As far as I'm concerned we are where we are. Lets just see where it goes whilst trying to RESPECT each other knowing how we each are which might still allow for certain things if gone about in a civilized and responsible manner. That's keeping in mind what respect involves as far as these types of relationships go. And of course there's always hope and things should hopefully take their better natural civil resolve whatever that may be even if it means we're actually not meant to be together in the long run within the context of the illusion or meant to be together going against the plan of a lady who likes a stable boat whilst always having it and her collaborators. Just don't be to surprised about my reluctance over the whole situation in having had to maintain that so called perceived none vomit inducing boat ride whilst also initially placed in this situation. How did we learn to do certain things so well I wonder given what we know about child socialisation?



In relation to what? (perceptions in truth)


Height is determined by where we are in relation to gravity's influence. The strongest source of gravity in our solar system is the sun as the earth takes an elliptical orbit round it whilst also spinning. Meaning at the furthest point of that elliptical obit and rotation of the earth, a person stood at the exact correct point in time whenever and where ever that may be  would be the tallest any one person has ever been in relation to the strongest source of gravity within our solar system. Potentially you could be higher then the moon. But then again everything in our galaxy including our solar system is affected by a huge object as the center of it.