It's interesting when people try to turn the spot light on sex trafficking and slavery of sorts. But from experience there are many that talk the good talk as if they are part of the movement trying to alleviate such issues in a specific part of South East Asia as well as maybe other parts of the world. But from certain observations the very culture and system they exist within and discretely (there must be a reason for the discretion) harness without a second thought as part of the societal structure on an everyday basis essentially encourages it in various direct and indirect ways regarding people and how they're treated. In fact I've seen many harness it like its common practice and as if it was nothing of issue to varying degrees despite what is said about certain claimed moralistic virtues. It exist by sheer virtue of how certain cultures are on different levels, and is just as normal to them as any kind of mundane thing that we in the west might do. Someone above them does it to them, they do it to someone else below them. Oh wait a minute, that sounds familiar on many different levels relating to many different things. It's bullshit, that's what it is. It's not exclusively males that do this as it includes the opposite genders too with certain sub-cultural groups having more discrete methods, and the preference of their target/object of interest is not necessarily dictated by so called accepted perceptions of mainstream "norms" regarding preference with other real and equally BS justifications for it. 

Sometimes the subtleties are so slight even if there's really nothing going on its difficult to say anything for certain whilst everyone's getting all paranoid and over reactive about it. Then you get situations where there is something really going on but there doesn't appear to be any type of initial distress. About the only thing we can look out for are signs of distress.   

We find it strange that cows aren't eaten in India because they're considered to be sacred by a large portion of the population there, many in the west wouldn't give a second thought to eating cooked female bovine flesh of some sort. I don't think we'd give the slightest crap about how an Indian person averse to eating dead cooked female bovine might react having maybe found out they've been eating dead cows/female bovine in their food unknowingly. At the same time in the west we generally find it strange (if not disgusting) that some people might actually knowingly choose to eat horse meat.