Its a strange world we live in. There are people who live in this world who are lavished with wealth, care and attention but don't necessarily fully appreciate it due to their relative state of mind and circumstance. Often being able to afford expensive therapy still isn't enough to maybe fix the core issues but as ever everybody's struggle is relative to their circumstance to be as real as its perceived. Then on the opposite end of the scale there are those who may not have the same kinds of fortunate circumstances to then only wish they could be in within a better situation.

I was watching debate on The Wright Stuff topical chat show about a lady who was apparently terminally ill and dying of cancer. However despite her condition she wanted to have a child before she died to continue her legacy. The idea being that she would at least get to see this child for a few months before finally passing on. Apparently for it to happen her friend offered to be a surrogate for the child, in essence the dying woman's egg would be artificially inseminated by her husbands sperm and placed within her friends womb for your standard but at the same time non-standard birth given the circumstances.

Apparently this was met with much objection mainly due to the fact that the mother would not be around to look after the child beyond the few months she would actually be alive after the child was born. The objections seemed to be centered around the premise that if you intend to have children you also initially do it with the intention to stick it out and be there for your children/child regardless of what may actually happen later on down the line such as an unforeseen split of some sort for any number of reasons.

However, stop me if I'm wrong here, the only reason you do it with the intention of being around is to ensure that the child will be well cared for within the bounds of your ability to provide care again regardless of what may actually happen further down the line. For instance there are women who have a child with the fullest intention of being there and maybe due to some unforeseen twisted act of fate dies shortly after the child is born whether through complication or some accident for the remaining family to be left to deal with the unexpected turn of events as best they can. Whether the situation being discussed or the previous example I just used both of them are hardly the typical in terms of scenario.

This particular situation however seemed to be well thought out with all participants being fully aware of the nature of the circumstances thus being fully prepared. Assumedly there will also be the support system in place to fully care for the child that the mother is actually happy with. That is she is fully aware of the social environment in which the child will be raised as well as being fully aware of the kinds of values, practices and beliefs that the carers have which will obviously effect how the child will be cared for along with having some influence of how it will turn out. If she didn't think they were suitable she wouldn't do it, or at least shouldn't do it if indeed she hasn't actually been blinded with the pure want of seeing a child of her own before she dies. In essence as long as the child is well cared for within the kinds of a genuine stable environment that she would have provided herself in the initial stages of the whole process with the intent and means to provide it long term, then she will have basically done her task by also taking the measures in order to ensure that some sort of stable environment will be maintained despite not being able to live long enough to see the results of it come to full fruition.

I don't see what the issue or objection is in this case provided all a parties involved are going into this willingly, fully informed and with no pretence. There isn't actually much to gain from any malicious intent here. Right now there are many children out there that have been concieved out of far less planning to possibly end in some sort of correctional facility to then be faced with constant hardships who've never seen anything close to this in terms of planning and long term potential care even though the mothers in those parrticular instances were alive and will continue to be alive long after the birth of the child. What makes this particular situation any more objectionable then the unplanned situations where the mother is still alive and the children aren't fully cared for?

Click this to go to get the video of the particular episode of The Wright Stuff chat show, unfortunately although its a Youtube video it will only work in the UK.