Forget the past???!

A child was learning to walk. During that week it had mastered how to walk as well as learned that certain objects will hurt if it collided with them. Needless to mention it learnt not to collide with those objects again. 

The following week the same child forgot everything. It had to learn how to walk all over again and it had to collide with all the same objects again that caused it pain the first time round. The following week the same thing happened again. 

Another child didn't have this same memory problems and continued to progress on a weekly basis. 

A civil society records and recollects its history and culture in order to advance by building upon it. By remembering it doesn't mean that possible actions will be limited since there is still a choice in not doing something too if it’s the appropriate course of action just as it is perfectly possible to do the exact same thing again. I guess Circumstance and context will determine whether doing the same will lead to a different outcome. However from experience and general observation there are some things that will always have the same if not very similar outcomes; bad or good. Its like saying I put my hand in a flame the other day and it burned really badly and then saying "Ah well, forget about it I'll give it another try tomorrow and hopefully it won’t burn as much". The brain at a psychological level for the majority is the way it is for a reason.

My stance is still the same.