Its definitely getting tricky and after watching a few rounds of Hawtins verbally articulated mind overspill the man generally does make a lot of sense. Yeah, I'm inclined to agree that the almost seeming breakneck speeds at which DJ technology has moved is enough to make a lot of none producing DJ's squirm for the potential lack of superstardom breaking potential and the fact that DJ skill doesn't actually revolve around such a trivial (but at the time of picking it up,- big deal) task of beat matching. But looking at the overall picture of current available technology in general,  its already been restricted more then an insane mental case that's unwillingly been put in a rubber balled gimp suit, handcuffs and a straight jacket having been slipped a tomazipan to boot. With today's current domestically available computing technology it could be more then possible to setup multiple perfectly queued and beat matched tracks to play via single button triggers with the appropriately designed software and hardware. With that in mind it kind of puts the perception of DJ technologies seeming like its moving at "break neck speeds" into perspective. Break neck seems a lot more like turtle pace in light of any actual reality of current technological potential capability as far as the DJ world is concerned.

But as ever I could think of a number of utilities that would allow you to be a damn sight more creative in a real time context if used properly. 

I think DJ's want to feel like they're doing something when being restricted to mixing between two records to substantiate the task. Obviously the idea of someone just pressing a couple of buttons to do the same thing to potentially better effect (thanks to current technology) undermines that. But why not use the same technology to do something far more creative in a performance context other then just pressing a couple of buttons to just mix a couple of records?

A cheaper version of the Pacemaker with half the storage capacity has already hit the shores of the US. All those familiar with the Pacemaker DJ system will be aware that it requires you to be able to beat match to actually use it. But I reckon beat matching is just like learning to ride a bicycle or learning to use a yoyo for the first time. There comes a point where you can't actually substantiate the skill behind it anymore as if it was the entire underpinning of a professional DJ's abilities. Especially with the new spate of DJ hero type games about to hit the market too where the skill of beat matching could just be as easily acquired through a game without having to shell out on expensive CDJ's or vinyl turntables and the vinyl to play on it. Its got to a state where you either roll with or be steam rolled. Its a sad fact, but it was bound to happen sooner or later, it was just a question of when.

I think people sometimes forget that its about the music and the vibe that's created for people to enjoy themselves. Regardless of how its going to be done I can only hope that the vibe and music will still be there. Its only when the business element to it all appears to play a larger part of the whole scene then the actual creative process and party antics do we really see all the restrictions being put in place. The question is how do we strike a balance so that those helping to keep the vibe going can continue to do so.


Still more questions

No one used to ever complain that their legal rights were being infringed upon whenever certain tracks would get remixed and blended on the fly in a club via a two turntable and music on vinyl setup as people were going up the walls in ecstasy to it. Since we'd have been none the wiser and everyone would have had a good time and gone home. Has the instant always on digitally connected age ushered in a situation where we've brought all these restrictions upon ourselves despite the vastly increased creative potential it gives us as well as also making it much easier for people to steal original unreleased works that haven't even had time to breathe yet let alone know what its about?

(with the exception of preview and pre-release materials distributed to certain individuals for development and buzz making purposes)