I randomly decided to visit Second life on the off chance the other night, I've not been in there in over a couple of years having first stumbled in there 7 years ago. Has SL really been running that long?! It only seems like yesterday when I first wandered in there and even then from what I could gather the whole SL thing had been going for quite some time even before that. I also noticed my profile was still saying my personal site was www.dna-nowhere.com since I used to own it many moons ago. However when it came to renewing it there was a whole bunch of none sense about claimed fraud and domain.com (who I initially bought the domain with for a few dollars) refused to discuss the details surrounding it and just refused to release it back to me which seemed quite extreme considering that I only bought it for a few dollars and all I wanted to do was renew it for a few more dollars. So in essence I could neither renew it or transfer it to a new hosting service provider, leaving only the option of ditching it and using something else. This was well over a year ago, I guess in a sense it gave me opportunity to use something a little more personal. I'm not sure who has the domain now but generally when navigating to www.dna-nowhere.com  these days it only ever pulls up a kind of place marker page with links to various services listings. Even more strangely it also just happens to always drop a virus onto my computer too via the webpage caching folder but I think that's now been fixed. In essence it has absolutely nothing to do with me anymore (other then actually coming up with it a couple of years ago) since ditching it so its not actually me that’s trying to infect your machines with a virus via this domain by the way.  However there have been a few things to suggest that it might still be up and running in some other capacity beyond my ability to actually access with the internet being one of those places where routing and access level can quite easily be modified and tailored based on a combination of wireless proximity detection  technologies (which includes RFID, facial recognition and retinal bio-metric detection)  and association of device(s) to individual profile(s). Not that my situation was anything of such great international security concerns to require such measures but in other contexts it might make sense much in the way that you wouldn't provide information on how to make a city leveling bomb to someone who has been psychologically profiled as someone who is highly likely to possibly go to the lengths of making one if they had the opportunity and means to just from being able to access information on the internet.

Anonymity, easily created aliases and the bounds of multiple countries across the globe would make it far easier for concepts to be localised under various different variant streams.