Hands are great!... I love 'em, you love 'em, we all love hands!

I don't know what I'd do without my hands since I like to DJ and type stuff. You can do loads of things with hands.

As a consequence of being able to do lots of things with our hands they tend to get pretty grubby quite quickly during the course of a day. They can be quite germ infested even if they don't look grubby. To give you an idea of how germ infested they can become, it would be far more hygienic to lick the toilet bowl then bite your finger nails with the amount of dirt and bacteria they collect under them during the course of the day. There would definitely be a whole bunch of bacteria there that don't belong inside the body at all. I don't recommend that you lick the toilet bowl by the way.

One good source of picking up bacteria that don't belong inside the body is by handling money. Think about how money is used. Its passed from person to person and has been handled by hands that may have not have been washed after using the toilet, they may not have been washed after being sneezed into, they may not have been washed after maybe handling an ACTUAL animal or pet of some kind, and there's the usual bacteria and sweat which would be present I higher doses that is all over the money from many, many different people. Your hands may look clean, but...well I reckon you can guess what I'm getting at.

Another good source for quickly coating your digits with bacteria are your keyboards that you use for typing things. Yes they are infested with bacteria. Unless that is you have one of those special keyboards made out of anti-bacterial plastic.

The bottom line is you should thoroughly wash your hands if they're going to go somewhere where they don't necessarily usually go but may be fun to do. This would be even more so the case with friends that you don't commonly encounter in such an "intimate" way. Unlike your digestive tract, your downstairs area doesn't have the benefit of digestive stomach acids to help kill of and reduce the amount of undesirable bacteria getting into your body.

Whilst sloshing around in the downstairs box...

It also maybe the case that there may be certain types of less harmful bacteria that your body has built an immunity to in knowing how to handle and deal with them. Because these less harmful bacteria have been in your system your immune system has also learnt how to counter any subtle changes in them too. But other types of less harmful bacteria that your body doesn't encounter on a regular basis might be a little more difficult for your body's immune system to counter act in not having had any experience of it yet in its particular unique and altered forms. Carry anti-bacterial mouthwash and insist on its use.

I have no suggestions for avoiding a runny nose. It just comes with the territory I guess. I know Decolgen works great.

Bacteria are very fast breeders and tend to thrive in warm moist places and can travel and spread relatively quickly in a matter of a few days if not hours. But we all remember seeing those video's at school of bacteria doubling in seconds at nightmarish rate.

Bottom line? don't let your friends put their hands inside intimate places without washing them thoroughly first.