I'm generally what people might call a "whippet" as far as my build is concerned these days, but it hasn't always been the case. Appetite can be a strange thing since I know for a fact that when I get into a situation where food is plentiful where I eat very regularly I can't really go too long without feeling hungry or having the urge to eat. My body becomes conditioned to it which in turns pretty much causes the hunger pains to set in VERY quickly. I remember it being especially so the case when I was in my late teens where I used to lift weights and eat quite a lot. 

A potential way to engineer comfortable weight loss?


At other times of my life when my food intake decreased for whatever reason my body pretty much got to state where hunger pains would hardly trouble me at all whilst going for vastly longer periods between actually eating. Usually during such spells in my life there wouldn't really be any set regular times to eat food and I'd just pretty much eat when I was hungry. 

However, the MAIN factor was some kind of obsessive (or near obsessive) distraction, and I don't mean an obsession with dieting itself. I know there are people who will obviously obsess about dieting, but I still can't help but think it seems a little odd that someone would always have to think about complex and rigorous dieting routines everyday as part of their lives (with the obvious exception of serious genetically inherited diabetes).  But anyway diets aside I remember when I used to obsessively hammer things like video games, it would get to a point where I just wouldn't eat (or completely forget to eat) while totally engrossed in marathon sessions of that "just one more minute" mentality, and before you know it 18 hours had passed. But eventually it indirectly reconditioned my body to become less accustomed to a higher intake of food. 

In my case you could pretty interchange video games with any tasks that had me locked into hours of obsessing whilst forgetting to eat for weeks on end which spurred on rapid weight loss, whether that be trouble shooting machines (repair and diagnostics), trying to produce a track, or drawing stuff (when I was younger), but generally it was within a comfortable setting since there was always the option to eat when I did finally realise that I needed to eat something, there was pretty much anything that I wanted (consisting of stuff I liked) in being well stocked with stuff to tickle the taste buds.

Other obvious circumstances


Of course you also obviously had the other extremes where situations of stress, worry and unhappiness would also cause loss of appetite, or maybe even a general lack of the availability of food when money is scarce.  But then again from what I've observed there are many others who do the exact opposite of actually eating more when they're unhappy, so obviously this won't apply to everyone. 

Although I sometimes I do wonder if there is some sort of effort to try cause people to become obese just to prop up the dieting industry, if there was something you could take just to make you normal in terms of weight would they even put it out given how much money is in the whole dieting thing? (/industry if you can call it that.)