The world runs of coffee, or at least I think it does with the number of branches of Starbucks to be found in every major city. But generally I'd never really been a big coffee drinker until one particular summer. During the course of that summer my coffee's got stronger and stronger as the days went by and the frequency of my consumption during the course of the day was gradually edging upwards too. This was also the same summer that I discovered migraines for the first time ever. I never used to understand what they were until sharp searing pains began to set in by the afternoon and wouldn't relent till the next from an insufferable measure. Then it hit me, maybe it was the coffee? I also reckon there might be a stronger correlation with the use of instant coffee over freshly filtered. Needless to say when I stopped drinking the coffee the migraines pretty much went away. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone but maybe this could be happening to you? 

Anyone know anyone fueled by obscenely strong coffee that maybe might also suffer serious migraines too?