I keep revisiting the talents of Alanis Morissette but there's something about her contemporary vocals that keeps its fresh that hasn't quite consigned her work to the digital cheese files of the past never to be revisited again. But it looks like new listeners and old alike are in luck as there's bunch of refreshes of her tracks doing the rounds that you might be able to get your hands from what I can gather. There's one track that gets far too much flack for its technical incorrect linguistic use but I reckon you could very much see past that if you're willing to just understand the sods law element of it more than anything else that often leaves you more than a little screwed when you'd rather not be. you know what Canadians are like, who's to say she wasn't making some intentional statement within the error in some far sighted ironic way as all the hardened critics scoffed without realising? That's art I guess.