The whole Savile fiasco still hasn't dulled down even after all this time and maybe that’s a good thing, but I can't help but think that it is a little unfair that he can't actually defend himself with being dead 'n' all as some have pointed out. But even without his ability to defend himself his reputation has pretty much been tarnished till the collective public consciousness eventually forgets. I didn't even know the man had died till a couple of weeks ago. But no doubt given how things had already been going, if there was any truth behind the allegations and rumors before and after his death, it could have quite easily still have been kept under wraps. Why? Because if true things like this will most likely have many other influential people partaking in the same sort of thing too from the same era where the moral conduct wasn't quite the same as it is today in the UK. These influential people could still very much have kept the lid on this for nothing to have got out at all if they had wanted to. The point? The BBC as an organisation isn't Jimmy Savile despite the influence he had when he was alive. The strange thing is when I turn on the television the BBC news is the main news source I trust  which even after this fiasco I still can't shake the mentality of. At the same time the BBC is the only place I know I can turn on where I won't be bombarded by adds despite the fact I don't really watch their channels as frequently as I used too. I do find it a little odd that I still have to pay for something I don't really watch, but as mentioned by some, maybe its just down to the fact that there are so many more channels these days and I personally don't watch nearly as much television as I used to? But then again how else is the BBC supposed to continue to operate without all the annoyances of adds that people complain about whilst maintaining the quality of programming and their news service? Its just a shame that it had to take something like this to draw attention to the BBC (if not mine at the very least), but I guess it consolidates the premise and notion that this kind of activity is most certainly unacceptable in modern day British society as a whole within the UK.