image source: various snaps from Ordos web search engine

I was in complete and utter awe from having come across a story written by a Darmon Richter over at the Bohemian blog, the nature of what was being described in how it was being spun was initially like something out of a fictional novel, like some sort of back story for the makings of some kind of strange futuristic wonder to be ogled at as some sort of forgotten lost city that was never completed in millennia to come. But this thing was apparently real.  Generally the report just made me want to go there now just to see it for myself, possibly even just buy a house there just to live in a strange kind of abandoned semi finished metropolis with slight futuristic taints regardless of whether they finish it or not. But with people clamouring to get out of the Ordos and house prices falling as low as $1,100?! I'm surprised they haven't seen an influx of paranoid disillusioned westerners heading out there just to escape the hum-drum of their everyday lives, although the long cold dry winters and said short hot humid summers might be something to factor in if you're the kind of person that craves somewhere with a consistently warmer climate. 

My following thought was all this money and effort just completely going to waste where its not really needed at all having stayed in a place like Cambodia. If only a fraction of what had been done there was used for regeneration purposes in order to stimulate growth, better facilities and re-housing the poor, it would surely have benefited many more people where there were actually people needing it.

Then my more megalomaniac side of imagination kicked in, thinking that if I was an eccentric millionaire I'd probably buy up property there to establish a strange kind of base whilst working on a strategy to attract a more worldly type of inhabitants with the kinds of expendable income looking to live in a new place in freshly built surroundings that needed completing, almost like a small colony of some sort, since I don't think any potential ongoing maintenance costs would be of any significance given the places circumstances of mass population abandonment. There'd possibly also be scope to develop the architecture with more refined design aesthetics and ideals that weren't so imitation like and half assed looking beyond the more obvious luxury centric endeavours that remain abandoned based on pictures I've seen of the place thus far.  Nor would I think the cost of domestic or international travel and industrial logistics would be that much within the immediate and surrounding regions whether by aviation or some form of road transport, but as ever prior research would probably be wise.

Plus its much more of stones throw to South East Asia and the rapidly developing economic growth of China than the UK is. Above all the region seems to be politically stable and peaceful. But with no money that kind of thing would pretty much be left for those with the funds to do, where as I could only imagine. Just fricking unbelievably insane in terms of the grand scale of waste and spectacle, but in a strange bohemian travellers dream kind of way as some sort of destination to wander about for a while.

But then I guess there is the problem of not knowing what the local laws are like.  

It certainly got the imagination fired up, if only in a strange not quite sure how to take it kind of way, but overall, what a fricking waste even though its not my money that  I don't have that looks like its gone down the pan. If you found this interesting you might also want to check out the photo journal over at TIME magazine online by Micheal Christopher Brown that I just discovered a good number of the images I came across originated from having quickly scanned through it.