After a few days of little sleep trying to put together this little side project I actually saw daylight in having to take delivery of a package. Having lost track of what day it was the realization came over me that I might have gotten a little carried away by actually forgetting to engage in any form of personal hygiene whilst only getting maybe a total of 5 hours sleep over the past 3 days working on this thing.


Still though whilst squinting out the window the sight of the UPS van was a sight to behold almost acting as a slight pick me up as it basically meant that the replacement Pacemaker had arrived. Generally feeling as rough as I did that morning was something usually reserved for the fallout of  heavy nights out having rolled in 8am the next morning to wake some time in the late evening, which was surprising really since I hadn't touched a drop with there having been no beer in the house left for the past week. I couldn't actually believe the suns rays were bothering my eyeballs so much having just got back from a place where it was sweat inducingly sunny every single day.


Signed for and received. There you had it, a brand spanking new Pacemaker with its untouched pristine mat finish surface all the way from Stockholm. Hopefully it'll bring a few more years of anywhere mixing antics on the go. Now to get some damn tracks on this thing. I think this was only something that seemed pretty significant because I actually had to drop a significant amount of my own cash for this thing in its pre-release beta phase at a time when money was pretty tight. Having an expensive paper weight was the last thing I needed.


This definitely more then makes up for it. I can honestly say that the customer service at Tonium was top notch and they had a replacement shipped out to me in just over a couple of weeks. Now to see what's new with this thing performance-wise. Its a shame it doesn't give personal bio readouts on screen as well as signal strength.