I'm not really for increases student fee's but I guess its something else to keep us occupied in debate. I reckon for most university will be some of the best years of your life, plus I'm all for the enriching experience it should be as it is for most.

On a slightly different but related note

Ok, student loans. They were obviously for education and paying for accommodation. But you know something? I think most peoples student loan money went on CD's, clothes, going out, the latest mobile phones, consumer electronics or any other thing that companies were trying to get students to part with their cash for. Many companies even bank on the fact that students will spend money on stuff other then things directly related to education seeing them as a target group with whole divisions that work out strategies for making them part with their cash.

In the days of napster peoples digital peer to peer music collection listings were populated with 128Kbs 44Khz 16-bit audio files (CD quality) which were more then adequate just for listening to regular music with. Not to mention that was the sampling rate at which most people ripped their CD's at.

Today we live in a digital age where people no longer really buy £10/£12 CD's albums anymore and there's nowhere the same amounts of money being made. Broadband is everywhere in a world where Spotify and sound SoundCloud exists. Not to mention broadband is only set to get faster and cheaper with the gradual introduction of currently used large scale technological industry solutions into more accessible avenues of consumer availability. Get yourself a copy of Firefox people with a good management plug in (other web browsers are available) or use it along side your current browser. There are even decent mobile phones which you can now pretty much get for free(subsidised) with cheap inclusive data, free texting and call plans that would have ran you into the thousands of pounds per year a few years ago. In the past something like that would have only been accessible to top end corporate users because of the high cost with much lesser capability. Today you can even get such data plans on relatively affordable pay as you go schemes which was just unheard of a year or two ago. The UK is also one of the only places that I know of that allows you to keep your sim card and phone number in service even if you don't use your pay as you go phone for ages. Other countries have a policy of taking your credit from you after a month (or more depending on how much you topped up, i.e. the more you topped up in one go the longer they give you before you next need to top up). if you don't use it all up to then disconnect your number if left for even longer to then charge you a fee to re-enable it. That's if they haven't already given your number away or sold it to someone else.


The arts

At the same time don't be surprised if some of your favourite immerging artists and performers disappear from not being able to afford to do what they do to a high standard of quality for lack of funding and time to dedicate to it.