Consider this, there is an Amazon tribe that has pretty much remained isolated from the outside world and still remains this way even to this day bar a few of those visitors from the outside world that actually visited them. They still continue to practice the very same primitive ways of life unconcerned by the outside world within the Amazon rain forest.  They have little desire to change their societal structure or even be part of the westernized outside world. To all intents and purposes they are happy and do little to disturb other cultures and societies in any imposing way. I'm also assuming that their current societal rituals and practices have also done little to challenge any of the pre-conceptions and notions of what is deemed to be acceptable for the outside visitors regarding civil behavior otherwise we would have either heard about it or there would have been more of a concerted effort to change how these people were living already.  

Sure no doubt when (if ever) their population reaches a much higher level and they have much more complex social issues to deal with they will most probably encounter much more complex problems relating to social policy. If they were left to their own devices with no outside intervention they might even war amongst themselves to either establish a new kind of governance and order many times over or even possibly wipe themselves out as has happened with many other civilizations throughout history. Over the space of a couple of thousand years they will most probably go through many of the problems that have blighted all current civilizations that still exist today.  

However the key difference is that most of the rest of the modern world just isn't like this at all due to our technological global interconnectivity via too many channels of communications and media to even mention. Then there's the fact that due to natural and historical global migrations and cross integration of many cultures through family ties against the context of a post telephone invention world and a relatively efficient global postal system network, the basic foundations for global information exchange would still persist even without things like the internet albeit much slower.

History has proven time and time again that when the thresholds of certain situations and circumstances reaches its tipping point there isn't really much stopping the motions of it regardless of motives and the potential outcome. But you can only hope that any type of mass civil unrest to result in a mass collective under current of action would be something  worthy in purpose to better human kind.


I still don't see an official welfare system in place with many still begging on the street whilst much of the place (besides a few well maintained hot spots of tourist like interest) still looks run down or look like shanty towns


But having said that even some of the most miss-guided attempts that we would consider as wrong against the context of history (and the benefit of hindsight it provides) were for the benefit of a perceived worthy cause despite the methods used and the cost of lives. More often then not the more violent and radical attempts that try to emulate the French revolution in these post 1900's times more often then not fail to generally make things worse and ultimately achieve much less in relative terms to where they were before and wanted to go for the overall population. In essence it slows the whole process down even further as regards to achieving what they actually wanted to begin with. However its little highlighted that advocators of any such radical movements that have higher positions (very few against the numbers of "the people") will use their power and influence to become wealthy and live very comfortably themselves thus becoming as those they so very much hated (enough to murder en mass) whilst the rest of the "collective" maintain their unquestioning loyalty to the "cause" without turning on them against the context of their shared ideology which is irony itself. They most probably were also able to send their children to be educated abroad or put them in private schools too.

There still aren't the jobs needed due to security concerns during the turmoil which deterred potential long term foreign investment that could actually provide mass employment. There in no official welfare system in place to ensure that everyone has a decent base standard of living partly due to the fact that there aren't the jobs for the masses that pays enough taxable income to support any such welfare system. Some of the most wealthiest (originally part of the regime to bring about troubles) have only become wealthy through the troubles and have very little desire to support an OFFICIAL welfare system through means tested cash taxation having now accumulated their wealth. Yes as in actual money you can spend/buy things with and not chatter.

It's now going to take you even longer just to get to this point...
Yeah, sure western societies still have their rich and wealthy but at least they have a social security/welfare system in place (and although it might not seem to be the case, it is in large paid for by the wealthy through proportion taxation and donations) to ensure that everyone has the potential to live decent base standard of living through cash taxation that's way-way beyond any notion of "absolute poverty" for those below a certain earning level by providing high quality free healthcare, high quality free education up to the age of 16 and free school meals for those that can't afford it amongst many-many other things.


We know what the universal should be at any given time and the measure by which we gauge its acceptable thresholds generally present themselves with the advancement of modern developed societies. However many societies are at many different stages of development and in a technologically connected world that doesn't live like the afore mentioned Amazons. There's generally a broader global conscious understanding of these higher level "base" standards of human rights and base standard of living beyond the notion of "absolute poverty" despite the realities for many.    


On a much more mundane scale of the everyday kind

We can't alter the human condition no matter how hard or how well some of us suppress it for many different reasons relating to our own personal values and what we value. Depending on the situation in a broader context the truth can be just as dangerous as the lie in certain hands depending on what it relates to. But I generally try to be as honest as can be within my personal relationships since courting couple spend a large proportion of their time pretending to be someone else in order to impress any potential partner to then later find out they were nothing like how they had originally portrayed themselves to be to each other as they spend more and more time together.  

I don’t actually pick my nose by the way but as a silly trivial example…. (… at least not very often but it most definitely has got to be done if I've got a whistler lodged up there)

e.g. she can't actually be shocked at me for constantly picking my nose later on in the relationship when it was something that I never actually did beforehand. Obviously you can interchange the act of nose picking that is used here with many of the trivial and serious things that eventually caused major problems later on in a marriage or any other kind of serious personal relationship.