I thought that it would have gone without needing to be said, but as with many other devices capable of running on batteries its still perfectly possible to use the device in conjunction with its mains adaptor that comes supplied with it plugged into the device and a mains outlet for a constant power supply. Meaning you could go for as long as you liked or was capable of with a live mains outlet present to use. Not to mention that its actual electrical power consumption would be significantly less then the combination of two vinyl turntables and a mixer. But with the device still being relatively new there's still to figure out the life expectancy of it with regular use which would have to be gauged against something like a CDJ turntable deck and not vinyl turntable for its level of sophistication in terms of electronic components contained within the device. I guess for the mark 2 of the Pacemaker they might want to consider making it more serviceable at the component level so that the whole device wouldn't have to be replaced if a particular component or part failed.