Whilst going through the usual rounds of general blog perusal I came across some survey trying to figure out who was America’s best DJ which I thought would be a pretty straight forward enough thing to decide. At least I thought I had a good idea as to who would actually have a decent chance based on what I thought I knew about them and the styles they spun. But then when I saw the list and realized that it wasn’t quite as straight forward as that. The idea was obviously to have one overall winner however there was also the option to vote for a maximum of up to 5 DJ’s which still wasn’t enough for me to say that I could in fact narrow it down to just 5.
The problem was that the DJ’s that were listed were so varied in style and I personally reckon that many of them have each contributed greatly to the scene overall. At the same time such variety could hardly be a bad thing either as it’s basically a good indicator as to how diverse the actual scene as a whole is in its various sub-genres that each have their own set of ambassadors at the forefront delivering dance floor devastation with DJ sets, remixes and original productions specifically designed for the floor to a very high standard.
How would you go about deciding something like this??! Do we decide on the amount of innovation and originality that a DJ appears to be pushing for whilst still somehow managing to deliver a solid sound in all aspects of DJing, original production and remix work which more often then not sees a lot of DJ spanning numerous genres or do we go for the solid providers for their particular strain of house/electronica fancy that progress the sound as needs be whilst still keep a solid grip on what gave their sound its distinctive appeal to help produce that all important variety in the first place.
Could something like this truly bring to the fore America’s best DJ within the consciousness of all clubbers the US and possibly the world for all those interested in this sort of thing? Or is this really just a vote for the DJ with the most popular sound at the moment and not a true reflection of the best that the DJ world has to offer? Why because I think there will be a lot of people voting who will be coming from a specific or specific subset of scenes whether as active clubbers or more passive listeners with knowledge of the better know DJ’s for their specific fancy in terms of sound and sub genre scenes that they dig on the most. Which I reckon in all honestly would do little to turn out who is actually worthy of being America’s best DJ in any true way shape or form.

There's also the fact that many of these people have multiple production and DJ names/aliases.
I’ve got an idea of who I would maybe vote for since their productions have spanned many of the genres in a very competent and fluent way whilst managing to fuse many genres that don’t often mix very well to excellent effect and still somehow manages to push the boundaries on many fronts fused and genre specific alike. DJ wise they’ve also managed to keep many elements of funk and soul within certain set contexts whilst still retaining that underground edge having also seen very brief chart success with a very simple mind bending tweaker. But somehow I doubt they will get that America’s best DJ status. This might sound like a cop out. But I think nearly all the people included on the list as well as others that aren’t are pretty much worthy of the title in various ways. There’s no way this could decide something like that in any conclusively accurate way.

You can vote here if you still feel the urge.