I guess in a ideal world money wouldn't be important. But even without money I don't think the world would be anymore perfect as the same kinds of people will still be in it even without money. How would you TRY to create greater fairness without something like a monetary system?

The day people can say they can live happily without modern society is the day they can say money is not important. Despite all the problems that money causes it is in fact a means of TRYING to preserve civil behaviour and order on a large scale without trying to be too imposing on peoples freedoms.

The sad fact is that there are and will always be unscrupulous people in the world who are able to abuse systems for whatever reason which also includes a relatively rigid monetary system. But imagine trying to create the same large scale civil order without a monetary system with all the same unscrupulous people in the world and all you have to go on is their word and approximations with even lesser kinds tangible measures for your labour and abilities whilst making exchanges. If people think slave labour is an issue now then I'd hate to see what they'd think in any theoretical moneyless system with all the same kinds of people still in it.

Money is exchangeable no matter what kind of expertise you have. For instance there are different ways to earn money within many different context.


Unless you knew everything in the entire world (maybe universe) and had the ability to do everything yourself directly from this knowledge then you might just be able to say it, however...

A dance teacher with no knowledge of advance math cannot teach a classroom full of math students advance math just as a math teacher that cannot dance cannot perform in a professional dance production. However a go between medium like money allows them to use their abilities to acquire things and make exchanges beyond the context of their immediate abilities. Both have no expertise in agriculture, farming or food production in general but with money they can buy food to eat without having to grow and process it. Both enjoy music but they don't produce it so they buy the kinds of music they like to listen to from other people that can.

Researchers, chemists, doctors, nurses, hospitals, equipment, medicine, curable diseases, better health, longer life expectancies,... 

Of course there will be times when money is not necessarily the answer, but I think the scope of circumstances are too broad to make a blanket statement of money not being important, especially if you own a mobile phone, use a computer for things other then business, watch television, shop for your food, watch movies, play video games, live in a house, (..almost infinite list...)... Just generally live in a developed region of the world. There will always be the organisations in place and individuals who will help to address and deal with the problems.