Porn, its so obvious but over the years the medium for acquirement has changed beyond anything anyone would have imagined since the days of the skin mag down at the local newsies. It was kind of funny reading a comment by someone I used to work with on a factory line manufacturing parts for industrial storage vats/tanks many years ago. But from what I could gather he was having a sly dig a some dude he clocked buying a skin mag from a news agents at 06:15 in the morning. With the internet being around with every kind of specific legal sexual specialty and kink on it, it seemed so obsolete buying a generic top shelf skin mag which was partly what made it funny I guess. But at least the guys porn viewing habits weren't actually being logged as easily traceable data on servers or I.P. addresses. However in this case having been clocked and reported on Facebook, a certain degree of anonymity had obviously been lost despite the fact that we don't actually know who it was, which still allowed the fella to retain their anonymity for the main part I guess.

But really when thinking about it what was actually wrong with it? It's adult material produced by adults, featuring adults that's being bought by adults where everything is concentual within the chain and perfectly legal. The UK is also a place where the idea of children and adults engaging in sexual activity of any kind is just not the norm and is greatly frowned upon. Generally the fact that its illegal is a good indicator of this. It's also heavily perpetuated in the unspoken norms and values of the society and is generally very heavily stigmatised. 

But at the other extreme it looks like they even try to police peoples online porn viewing habbits out here too despite the fact that its all perfectly legal whilst seemingly allowing for other sick shit that I don't find particularly tasteful. My take? I can look at what ever the fuck I please on the internet as far as porn is concerned. Its perfectly legal and its not my fault you choose to remotely view what I view on the internet in real time to not actually like it. If you don't like it then quite simply I'd suggest you don't fucking look and dial back on the bullshit rants and name calling I can hear through the walls and from over the street. Or at the very least keep your opinions to yourself whilst you have your nose in my desktop.

There's a lot wrong with this place as far as ideas about sex is concerned. For one my fantasies don't include minors. Nor do I force them to eat foods provocatively for mental wank bank tackle. The next time I see a minor eat yogurt, an ice lolly, rice, (any other type of food that supposed to represent something) for a grown adult in a way that tries to simulate the appearance of sperm spread over lips for the kid to then gradually try to "turn the heat up" (or any kind of sexual act linked to particular foods and what they're supposed to represent for that matter) so to speak, I'm going to fucking freak the fuck out and highlight it as fucked up. This is one tiny example amidst all the things that I find disgusting about you lot which I reckon are more disgusting then my actual porn viewing habits. That's not even mentioning those who try to engage in actual physical sexual contact with minors. At the same time this kind of sexual repression regarding adult material for adults will only make this highlighted issue thats rotting your society from the inside out worse. But that's just my opinion.

Social norms... (from actual observation)

Do you not think that this type of behaviour also sets the children up to expect it of their children and other minors that they have authority over when they grow up? This also includes the females as well as the males. But that's the problem with this place, nobody says anything from being too afraid or from trying to be diplomatic so it carries on in the same way. No Cambodia certainly hasn't changed me in this respects, not in the least bit. The fact that attempts at discretion is exercised also suggest you're fully aware that its fucked up and wrong. But you have the audacity to question my online porn viewing habbits? Maybe you should stop viewing my online porn viewing habbits in real time then and do whatever it is you like to do instead, as long as it doesn't involve minors in any sexual way.

What is it exactly that it helps to you do or become?

I'm trying to get n the mindset but I can't figure the pre-teen kiddy sex thing in whatever capacity, especially since many pre-teen and early teen kids wouldn't even think about it if left to their own devices and without encouragement through certain patterns of socialization as they grow up by adults for adults. Does it help people to be more productive or produce things creatively beyond that of a person that isn't into such things? Does it make you more advance in mental reasoning or provide extended mental faculties to produce great thinkers with enhanced abilities to reason or be more productive in general? I'm very inclined to think no. Why? Because there are plenty of very notable people within past history and right now that don't within societies with a much smaller proportion of such groups that perpetuate such undesirable social practices.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with older people interacting with minors since its perfectly normal. But surely it can be done without any kind of sexual intent whether physical or none physical?

Maybe in our more primitive animalistic stages of evolution in the pure post puberty physical sense it might have been applicable for said survival reasons against our lesser ability for active conscious reasoning about the matter. Not to mention the vastly shorter life spans and the chances of death a midst our more hostile environments at the time. But its not like we encourage or allow males to actively beat women over the head with some sort of blunt object to then actively rape her against her for the sake of quenching strong sexual urges or for the sake of some strong instinctive need to reproduce as we once might have done as cave men. Just like we don't generally encourage in breeding in this day and age for many reasons which again would not have necessarily crossed our conscious minds as cave people either. However it seems in this day and age its the exact opposite that seems to cause it against a culture of sexual repression and hypocritical behaviour in other ways when in regards to things that are perfectly above board from what I can gather. But as ever my observations and personal opinion is always open to dispute.

In places like the UK Facebook would only boost safety due to the said and unsaid social norms of the society ontop of the laws that actually govern the place, but in places like this I reckon its used more like a "facefuck" wank bank more then anything else.