Lets look at this scientifically in the purest terms of their properties. 

White light contains all colours/colour frequencies except for black. Black technically isn't a colour at all. It only appears black because the chemical properties on the surface of any object that appears black indiscriminately absorbs all light/colour frequencies which gives the black appearance.  

You can test this by passing white light through a prism which splits light up into all its composite colours which we otherwise know as a rainbow. You can see this effect when it rains on a sunny day where the water droplets behaves like a prism in the sky as the light passes through them. This is the reason we see a rainbow in the sky when it rains on a sunny day. 

Take the colour red for example, any object that appears red in colour on its surface only appears that way because all the other colour frequencies that belong to all the other different colours are absorbed for the frequency of the colour red to bounce off the surface of the object and return to our eyes. The same would apply for any other colour we are able to register with our eyes. 

White objects appear white because nearly all the colour frequencies bounce off its surface without being absorbed.

Before we get into some stupid argument over race, no person on this planet is truly black in colour just as no person on this planet is truly white in colour. However we are all made up of matter which is just transient energy just as light is all be it a much less fluid form relative to our conscious perceptions of time passing. But just remember this, the matter that makes up our bodies as human beings is the constituents of billions upon billions of atoms. Look what happens when you split a single atom. 


If I see another one of these or anything similar it will be too soon!