As with nearly all these DJ intended dancefloor centric unmixed compilations that I'd come across on this particular scouting run the title was a bit misleading. Despite the statement of Minimal and Techno antics to be had here there's plenty of other sub genre specialty spanning too. This is definitely one to bulk out your virtual record box with some solid and very credible sounding obscure floor movers 'n' grooves that I certainly wouldn't be ashamed of dropping into a set without feeling I had to work hard to re-align my margins of acceptability in regards to what the edge should be. There was well over 30 or so useable tracks out of the 50 pack that definitely rubbed my audio palate the right way which is well more then enough to piece together an absolutely rock solid DJ set many different ways just within the content of this 50 track compilation alone. 30 tracks from this compilation individually bought would come to around $60 making $16.99 for the 50 well worth it. Overall I'd say you'd be getting your moneys worth if your intent is to move floors or put together a DJ set with some solid Minimal techno, Tech house and house sounds as many of these tracks could stand up on their own as quality single new releases. It might be worth shopping around but I managed to find this one in the fresh off the press new release section off Beatport for $16.99. Other folk around the globe can pick it up for the equivalent value in your particular currency from the Beatport site too for which you'll get them in 16-bit 320KB MP3 format. You'll also find it at Amazon for $7.99! but I'm not sure if they'll give it you at the prefered higher DJ sampling rate of 320KB for that price.