This particular recommendation is for all the drum'n'bass heads out there. This time word of an entire continuous mix from the man Teebee as an urgent recommendation rather than just a single release. I actually stumbled across this whilst trying to acquire a decent quality video stream of Teebee's excellent rework of Photek's ni ten ichi ryu (two sword technique). Straight out of the blocks you're hit with a screw faced inducing, body rocking, jump up stepper that excellently works the fresher grinding saw edged flavored sonic permutations adopted and refined by the dubstep sound, but with a more quirky step suspending jaunt to it that just sounds absolutely fluent in the d'n'b arena. It's not really anything new to drum'n'bass as such in the in the purest sense, but the crisper, cleaner and slightly harder molding of the syncopated chopped up saw edged sound places it more at the fore as a center piece of tracks. There could have been the danger of coming off as cliché through its over use (not like dubstep couldn't have done that all on its own with its rapidly growing popularity being pushed by its mainstream chart riding ambassadors), but for me personally how they've worked what most people now perceive as the trademark like dubstep siren call within a more up tempo D'n'B context just oozes class that was a breath of fresh air against the strains of D'n'B I seldom usually stray from. I wasn't really feeling the direction that a couple big festival arena D'nB 'acts (that were almost in danger of going pop) were taking it at their peak just before giving way to the under current of dubstep that was bubbling into a broader club floor interest way before deadmau5 brought the saw edged grind into the charts. This mix has certainly re-invigorated my interests whilst bringing me up to speed with some slightly fresher developments from the D'n'B world without making me yawn.