It's been a while since I've had chance to scout for new tracks, but the long break away from it is definitely a much needed distraction from a bunch of personal crap going down that I could just do without. But what a way to start too. All I can say is this track just blew me away. It kicked off setting me into a gritty techy roll with enveloping tight crisp sonics that had my head gripped like a vice and wrapped my mind around what I thought was just going to be a nice little deep driven workout with conviction to set me into that dance floor in the zone mode (the relatively poor sound quality in the video will defintely not have the same impact as the full HQ audio release). But on the sublimely glitched up techy techno fueled build up, streamer like sonics start to creep in morphing into some kind of jet engine (which did initially seem a little too over the top and out of place, but only made perfect sense having listened to the track in its entirety) which gradually builds and teases you to into a frenzy of restrained siren like urgency to then all of a sudden just instantly suspends you dead in mid air just before reaching its peak. Just before you think you're going to plummet it suddenly instantly explodes in an unexpected measured sugar rushed harmonic chime that you want to eternally tickle your neurons, but it just feels like it fades out all too quickly leaving you wanting more before your parachute like decent back into sublimely glitched up techno grind that leads you onto the next slightly less climatic afterglow like rush. 

If I had bought this as a vinyl preview release or had it sent to me as a promo... (...before the whole digital thing)

Slightly unorthodox if not unexpected climax structure,  a track that I should be saving to use myself if I ever get chance to rock a huge crowd to help advance some sort of decent DJ career. Why am I telling you about this track??