I would have kept this to myself but its just too good to. What's even more annoying is that you can't buy it as a single release meaning you have to shell for the whole album as a digital download. Slightly more commercial appeal then any of my usual picks but still solid enough to stave of the instant throw away factor for a fair bit. Having said that the rest of the album is a pretty eclectic affair taking you right through rock, indie, atmospheric spacey vocal tracks, twisted  driven dub-step, pop dance, bubbling acid techno, moody progressive house and solid housers, to more sunshine driven house leanings and chill out just to round things off. As a collection it could be seen as a bit of a freak show but the individual tracks seemed pretty solid for their particular genres. Eclectic is certainly the word. I couldn't find a video for it but if you hit up Beatport you'll no doubt stumble across it eventually via a search.