No doubt this guy has been getting some sort of acclaim beyond my sphere of musical press reading intake, but since I hadn't come across any I might as well make some silent noise about it to impose on your greatly appreciated internet eyeball allocation time as I reckon its well deserved. As far as I was aware Four Tet has been kicking around for some time now and I've been more then aware of his work having dropped three or four pieces of his musical offerings to my iPod some time ago thanks to a friends recommendation (roughly over five years ago if not more). Shortly after I remember seeing some remix work for Zero7.  Since then many a time has it popped up randomly on shuffle play to send my head into more contemplative modes when inspiration couldn't be found for love nor money. His latest album "There is love in you" brings to the fore some quite unexpected potential dance floor movers to my mind, so much so that I just had to slightly rework it to be included in my mix set antics. There was just no escaping the deep groove inducing feel of those particular tracks I decided to use. Besides that there's the usual sit back and listen tracks which I found to be very easy on the auditory skins. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'd highly recommend it regardless. Here it is for 7 pounds and 11 penneths. There Is Love In You