If dubs 'n' steps is more your kind of' thing whether in exclusivity or combination you might want to check out the eclecticism of Ministry's latest Ibiza Rocks installment that spans 35 tracks. The DJ mixed album goes right across the urban spectrum dipping into, UK garage, dub step, soulful vocal house, breaks 'n' beats, hip-hop, drum'n'bass and a little electro. But even within its eclecticism it seems to all meld together quite well. Either way its definitely something I might have to get on my iPod at some point from initial impressions. a penny short of 7 quid in mp3 download form for your general listening here Ibiza Rocks Presents Reclaim The Dancefloor Mixed by Doorly.

 As ever if you need something with a higher sample rate or just need them in uncompressed format check out Beatport.