I never understood what the deal was with people who claimed to break down and cry at some of his gigs in the early days but there's no denying that the quality from this fella still being turned out at a good rate. Sure this is old news for all those said to be well into the "scene" whatever that is these days but I thought it was worth a mention all the same as its pretty much well deserved in judging it on its actual merits. I think I must have missed a couple of original artist album releases (that's not including DJ mix albums) since Airdrawndagger as they weren't doing much to move me in anyway whilst hearing various snippets of them here and there. However I just can't seem to put Invol2ver down. It just oozes quality from beginning to end. In summary it gives you a major high without going into epically over the top over drive whilst retaining a solid and credible sound to it all to still remain moving with good depth overall. This is definitely something you might want to be hearing whilst out doing some profoundly head blurring biscuit naughtiness or even just driving about, out riding your bike, out walking or even just chilling. At one penny short of 7 quid here. Invol2ver. All DJ's wanting to take it appart for some quality set fodder to work into their set building antics might want to do a search on Beatport for higher grade MP3 files or non compressed WAV files at a slightly higher premium.