A James Zabiella set. He's one of the few DJ's who have managed to ride that line of credibility whilst seriously pushing the eclectic party vibe where others might have generally fallen to the wayside of any kind of notoriety. Could potentially be one of those too kool for skool DJ's if he took himself a little more seriously and maybe took a less eclectic line, but fortunately for us he doesn't, to still somehow sort of land that too kool for skool zone delivering eclecticism for serious floors. But if you're a James Zebiella fan you'll know what you'll be going to pay to see anyway. I reckon all the exclusive solid reworks he always throws down in his sets of well known club and party numbers has certainly helped to ensure his well earned standing. Train spotters might run into Santos blue Mondays on an unrecognisable Saturday night? The jump just below.