There wasn't much in the way of any immersive video footage of this ladies mixing antics. However on the audio only tip I did stumble across a pretty solid rhythmically driven vocal laden tech house mix with tribal leanings that she'd put together to come off the sound cloud which you can listen to or download here. It'll definitely help to break the monotony of the couple of mixes that you've maybe got on constant repeat with it generally being a bit of a mission to filter all the good stuff amongst the abundance that's out there. There were no seeming cringe worthy parts whilst skimming over it which is a good thing since I cringe a lot whilst checking over my own stuff.

Having said that there is a dicey bootleg of Layo&Bushwhackers "Love story" that's making the rounds with her name attached to it which sounded good on the build up as the addition of the accenting Maracas shuffled on but it kind of took a nose dive as the vocals drop in to sound like it was a completely different track that had just been thrown over it.

Besides that there were a couple of production collaborations that sounded promising but would no doubt need the proper set context to make them shine. In the meantime here's a link to her myspace where you can get links to all the rest of her mixes to help keep you playlist a little more intersting.