Yet again the words in the labeling might throw some people off the scent and as ever the true test is in how the Sonics rub up against your tympanic membrane to possibly connect with those urges of what are hopefully suitably rhythmic body movements unless of course you actually just want to freak out. If you need some steady deep 'n' sexy tech (verging on sleazy but in a good way) destined for those slightly more intimate spaces, then it might be worth taking a look at a few of these tracks in this unmixed 38 track release. There seems to be plenty soberingly techy/minimal tracks that keep it crisp and cleanly defined in sound whilst still retaining that head swimming warmth across the mids whilst optionally rolling. What's good is that it somehow manages to not sound too clinically mechanical but at the same avoids sounding like done to death clich├ęs that would normally make you skip over them within the first 10 seconds right off the first listen. There 's also a bunch of bigger sounding textures to open up the space a little thrown in for good measure with all the whooshing, sweeping white noise rolling over thumping beats plied with bags of subsonic reverb that you'll need to lift you out of any unexpected lulls that would have otherwise been an in the zone vibing roll under more permitting circumstances and settings. They also don't neglect to include more bass driven warblers either.

Basically they give you 38 tracks with everything you need to piece together what could potentially be a quality varied set right from floor warming antics too peak time madness right through to epic big finishes. All of which you probably wouldn't have been able to figure from the title. Having said all that there are two or three dicey numbers I came across whilst listening to them in their uncontextualized unmixed forms but as ever I reckon it might just be a question of personal taste.

Get it state side for $8.99 or 6.99 pounds over in the UK in MP3 format here Minimal Meeting, Vol.03

... or if you need it at 320KB 16bit sample rate or uncompressed WAV for DJing purposes I reckon you mihgt be best swinging by Beatport where you can grab it for $16.99. (a little more then that for WAV)