This ones so fresh that I couldn't find any cover artwork for it of a decent size. Yet another misleading title as I didn't find too much of the types of electro house that people would normally identify with the kinds of popular electro sounds that were making the rounds on the scene whilst the whole electro house thing was blowing up and making its transition from the edge of the underground to partial mainstream footing/recognition. Again this is another bumper fix that spans the house genre nicely touching on Tech, progressive, minimal and even techno but yet it still somehow manages to remain quit cohesive overall. But all that aside I found more then enough undiscovered and unbroken solid quality sounds in one place to warrant a point in its direction. Yet again there's plenty of tracks to be found on this collection that could quite easily stand up on their own as serious single  releases, the kinds of obscure specialty tracks you could only dream of finding all in one shopping trip whilst out record shopping. I'd say there's about half of the tracks if not a few more on top of that I'd definitely use without feeling like I'd compromised in terms of quality just for the sake budget bulk like acquirement. Yet again it might be an idea to shop around before you part with your cash on this but this can be picked up in the new release section of Beatport for $16.99 in full 16-bit 320KB MP3 file format. They have it in WAV too but as usual expect to pay a little more for that.