Whilst dropping in on Judge Jules radio1 slot I just happen to catch this tried and tested track off the top of his backroom selection playlist stack. Up until that point my head was racing as usual with the thought of there not being enough hours in the day to do everything I need to pounding the back of my head whilst having a tonn of stuff to do. For a Judge Jules recommendation it was definitely off the beat'n'track in relation to the types of epic and high octane energy driven trance most would more commonly associate with his record box content these days. But this track just absolutely blew me away for sure. The fact that it was in the tried and tested section probably meant that it'd been kicking around for some time to have acquired club banger certification and I was probably very late to the party in only having just gotten wind of it. It was definitely a dub stepper no doubt about it. But it was done in such a way that just made my head totally drop everything to just to sit and listen whilst mentally buzzing for the next 3 to 4 minutes or so. It was almost as if in having found/heard this track there wasn't much else to do for the night. At the same time whilst listening to it I couldn't help but feel that the track was put together by somebody who was very experienced in production and was trying to be almost formulaic about it that wouldn't normally be coming from the dubstep angle. Kinda' like they were just having a go at it to meld their more big beat, techno, acid house, electro, and breaks influences in just the perfect measure to have created this thing as only they could have uniquely done with the appropriate input. The danger in that is it often comes across a bit like a once cool dad trying be in with the kids and being completely out of touch having tried too hard to then come across as tepid/half assed for you to then pull a semi screw face that intonates "meh" and a shrug at the same time without actually having to say and do those things. After which you'd then just carry on with what you were doing before as if nothing had just happened. However after it finished I felt all the tension in my body just drop out of me as it slumped in glorious tension free relief (short of drooling). I could now rest. My work wasn't done but it almost felt like it was for the day. That was until I realized that they don't do the live track listing any more and I had no idea who made it and what it was called. (Two hours later...) ...Nom De StripLaw of Life. With a little further digging around it turns out the guys apparently coming from a purely dubstep background which I find hard to believe given the out of the box take on genre purely just in how it sounds to my mind. It doesn't look like there are any release dates for that particular track but theres plenty of his other stuff knocking about.