I think for a lot of people across the UK he is quite literally the voice to the start of the weekend proceedings that's synonymous with dance culture in general. Needless to say he's been working the scene long enough to undisputedly be respected despite a little super DJ snobbery in the early days although he had in fact been working the scene long before the notion of the superstar DJ even existed. But then who is actually laughing now as many so called superstar DJ's have quite literally fallen to the wayside and into obscurity for his status to have gone from strength off the back of actual substance and conviction.

It only occurred to me now as to how I more generally think of the guy as a compare for bringing all the freshest cuts and acts from the mainstream and niche genres of dance music despite the fact that he's a full time pro DJ and producer that does command a crowd and does deliver at an international level as far as dance floors are concerned. So it was a refreshing change to see the guy on the other side of the microphone for once giving a sincere take on what its all been about for him as well as maybe carving new perceptions of long established big selling names for the current generations. I guess DJ or producer it doesn't really matter  provided the crowd hopefully go away happy in having specifically turned out to see what they do.

There was no imbed for this so here's a direct link to Paul Morley's page of the guardian interviewing none other then the man himself Pete Tong some time back in May.