Ministry of Sound, Nike and London want you to run in a London music half marathon, or at least so I've been informed by my bro who wanted sponsoring for the main post pasta eating event. The run is intended to raise funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research who basically concentrate their efforts into the research of blood cancers. Whilst the runners are doing their bit by actually running the 31.1 mile distance there'll be plenty of Live music (brought to you by city showcase London) to keep onlookers and city dwellers entertained on the day.

As official sponsors Ministry will obviously also be "bangin' out the choons" on the day to keep the motivation up and momentum going . They'll also be supplying the official 2011 Run to the beat training sound track which you can get hold of via the iTunes store.

Pre run freebies

Official sponsors Nike also want to help you out with a pre run training program via NIKE+. The whole thing works by using a free iphone GPS app with integrated features to help you record your progress and optimise your training routine.

In summary a free one day music festival with a load of people running to raise money for blood cancer research. If running is your bag and you fancy doing the run yourself then head on over to the website for full details on what to do and to put your name down otherwise I guess its just a case of turning up on 25th of September 2011 to show your support and take in the musical festivities. More details then I could tell you here.