First mention in a long while for this section whilst on some downtime being ill, but off the back off a Sebo K set a fair few solid contenders were put out for show. But with no track listing to be found anywhere details are pretty scant. It’s the first gem to stick out in some time. There's an ever so slight buzz off the lead in track toward the main creme de la creme 35m20s marker track in question where the sonic magic seems to happen in my head, taking it back to solid tech sound that industry bods had said died a long time a go, but as ever everything moves in cycles with all the spoilt audio pallets of the "too cool for skool" kids now having given way to a new sound discovering crowd its bound to rub many ear drums up in a fresh kind of way with deeper leanings. Nice use of sparklier sonics along with sparing use of acid drops over a deep simmer accented by soulful vocals and occasional caressing lapping warm pads to stimulate those slightly deeper vibes even further. But it just doesn't end there as the quality just keeps flowing for the next couple of follow ups. Come to think of it there was also something very special happening on the start up track of the set too as far as the fresher deeper dance-floor sounds were concerned. Any train spotters out there who can ID these? ?yola-link-is-coming=trueClick this to get to the dance trippin' TV stream to catch the set for yourself.