After a long break I finally managed to get the chance to get back to wading through the masses of new releases. But as per usual even with rejuvenated excitement and enthusiasm for it all a few hours of skimming over hundreds of tracks eventually bought on the inevitable task fatigue just short of being face down on the desk drooling. It'd basically gotten to that point again where I'd only managed to get an espresso worth of fresh material that I was happy with out of the bucket loads of stuff that was out on show. Getting sidelined isn't usually the kind of thing that goes down too well whilst I'm trying to remain focused on one particular thing at a time but in this instance the almost serendipitous turn was definitely worth it.

Signal Deluxe is definitely what it says on the label if quality tech house is what you're after. Its the kind of stuff that I'd have been a little reserved about letting my mates know about in a vain attempt to try and  keep my record box sounding uniquely sharp if I were to be a little more competitive about it all. Its tech house with a sultry deep sexy edge to it that somehow manages to retain soulful elements in perfect measure against its more pronounced tech leaning then others. A lot of people have touted tech house as being dead but against the masses of new stuff I sift through all the time it was just a welcome sonic pick me up that dodged many cliches and brought me back out of the mental flat line after hours of auditioning a whiole load of new stuff.

Also working to their advantage is the fact that their sound encompasses and leans into other related chilled out, deep and harder sounding sub genres and does it well whilst still sounding distinctive. Even better all associated releases that the Beatport digital download store pulled up for me to try out were very much in keeping with the overall feel of Signal Delux's sound. I don't know much about them as a working guy and girl duo but if what they actually do is anything to go off purely from what I was hearing alone then I'd definitely have to recommend them.