If you're a fan of the recent deadmau5 delvings into the realms dubstep with "one trick pony" and "Raise you weapon" like I was you'll definately be feeling this for sure. As unexpected as it was at the time I was surprised at the sheer quality and solidness of something that sounded very fluent for its genre considering its wasn't on the usual deadmau5 rosta. A jack of all trades and the deadmau5 thing seems to have smashed the old put down saying in having mastered them all. What's his secret? Multiple producers under the same name? Secret access to top producers files? Or just pure skill? Who knows. But back to dubstep, if you're needing a little more you've got this to keep you tiding over in the meantime, that's if you haven't rinsed this  particular strain of grinding electro driven dubstep to death already. Too much of a good thing 'n' all.