DanceTrippin 178: Timo Maas from on Vimeo.

This was probably one of the most random clicks I made of the day, but in dropping it was the last thing I expected from the likes of with preconceptions of all out big and epic. However this was definitely more techno and tech driven then I was expecting. Cohesively Smile inducing nicely worked climbs, peaks and deep rhythmic booty shaking rolls taking it exactly where it needed to keeping that in the zone notion at the fore of my mind. I think he must enjoy teasing train spotters as the last number winds it all down with a distinct melodic sample that never quite reaches the vocal drop in a kind of knowing hat tip. If I'd have known this was what the man was also capable of I would have made far more effort to drop in. If I'd have heard this purely as an audio mix I would never have guessed it was a Timo Mass set.