Long gone are the days of picking up an un-auditioned  4 CD box set of fresh unmixed and often relatively obscure dance tunes for around 10 to 15 quid. The economics of them might seem good but more often then not it was a bit hit and miss as for the most part as you'd usually end up buying mostly an unmixed compilation of absolute tosh. However from what I can remember I was either just very good at it or was just very lucky to have picked up just the right ones for it to kind of work out. Most probably the latter. This might seem like a very inexact way of doing things but bare with me.

Out of the forty to fifty or so tracks that would feature on such sets there'd be usually 5 to 6 tracks/artists I'd recognize after which I'd normally discover another 6 or 7 additional tracks that I just couldn't put down. The rest of it would usually remain untouched after the first listen, for the most part purely because they just weren't really to my tastes or were just plain awful. But guaranteed more often then not there were others who absolutely loved the ones I was just not into meaning it was more often then not just a question of taste.  Then for some random reason a few more ( round about two or three of those that I initially didn't like)  might one day start to make far more sense later down the line to then also be included in the stuff I'd either listen to or use.

So potentially this could mean I'd end up with at least a minimum of around about 13 tracks (sometimes a maximum of maybe 16 depending on the compilation) I'd actually listen to or use which is roughly the number of tracks you'd get on a decent one CD compilation that you knew every single track on that you intentionally  might buy for around 10 to 14 quid  anyway.

However thanks to the wonder of digital download record stores you get to hear every single track beforehand meaning you get to weigh up more accurately if you want to drop 15 quid on a 50 track compilation. However if it turns out that you do in fact actually like about 8 to 10 tracks from it you might as well buy the whole 50 pack collection at 15 quid as the alternative would be to shell out 1.99 for each of the 8 to 10 tracks you do actually like which works out to be more expensive. The rest of the stuff you don't like you could use for sampling or making new stuff.

Sure it might seem a bit random, but I only mention this having come across 5 or so 50 track compilation packs for around 17 dollars a pop. Of which there were a few with enough solid tracks on it that I'd actually use included on a single compilation to warrant maybe possibly buying.