Hair clippers. In 13 years of lopping off my own barnnet with head sheers, I'd finally managed to acquire the one thing I'd always referenced as a bench mark against all the other types of clippers I'd used. It was like getting a new piece of DJ gear that I'd been lusting after for years. How can a set of hair clipper generate this kind of material happiness purely for the upkeep of a 13 year personal grooming routine?

These things were apparently extreme, although I couldn't quite see myself hurtling through the air upside down with a snowboard strapped to my feet with one of these things in hand. All in all not bad for a tenner off eBay although slightly used and coated in what appeared to be hair spay residue. It's a good thing they didn't include the nose hair clippers. After near 11 years of talking these things up the flashy light weight aluminium flight case (despite initially seeming a little over the top) just seemed to add to the sort of easily amused chuftness of having finally got a decent set of personal hair clippers.

Oh, the important part,... how did they actually cut? Just exactly how I remember but faster due to them being mains powered unlike the original set I used which were battery powered.